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Amy Lynn Sumacewski Esq.



Amy  Lynn  Sumacewski,  Esq.  was  admitted  to  the  Florida  Bar in April 2006 and was
admitted  to the  Federal Bar in  2010. Mrs. Sumacewski is a trial lawyer whose primary
areas  of  practice  consist  of Civil Litigation,  Workers’  Compensation  and  Family Law.
She was previously named as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers.

By way of  background,  Mrs. Sumacewski received her Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2005
from Nova Southeastern School of Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the top half of her
class   while   working   full  time  as  a   law   clerk   during  the  day.  She   received   her
undergraduate education from South University in West Palm Beach, Florida where she
graduated in the  top 2% of her class, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in
Legal  Studies.  There,  she  was awarded the Merit Achievement Award and West Legal
Studies Award for outstanding legal research and writing.

Mrs.   Sumacewski’s   background   also   consists   of  appellate  practice  including  the
successful    appeal,    Matteis v.   Matteis,   No.   4D10-1509   (Fla. App. 2011).   Prior   to
becoming  a  lawyer,  in  1991  Mrs. Sumacewski  received  her  Paralegal   degree  from
Keiser  University  and  the  Notable  Achievement  Award  as the top 1% ranking in her
class.  Thereafter  she  accumulated  over  18 years  of legal  experience  in  Florida as a
Paralegal  working  in  general  practice  handling  cases  involving  in  addition   to  Civil
Litigation  and  Family  Law,  Corporate  Law,  Probate,  Estate  Planning,  and Insurance

Mrs. Sumacewski has resided in Florida for over 30-years and has been an integral part
of the legal community by previously holding memberships with South, Palm Beach and
Broward  County  Bar  Associations  and  the  Florida  Family Law Legislative Committee
and volunteering as a certified Guardian ad Litem for Broward County.

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