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Are you facing a family law issue? Whether you are
seeking a divorce, paternity action, time-sharing, increase or reduction in child support, or post-dissolution of marriage action, at DEMICCO-NADLER,  we represent both husbands and wives and mothers and fathers in these difficult and sensitive situations.  Our Florida family lawyers assist with both uncontested and contested cases. When the parties agree, we can expedite the process by drafting a robust settlement agreement or attend mediation to help the parties resolve disputes they cannot decide on their own. We also handle contested matters for those cases involving more complex issues such as injunctions, establishing or terminating time-sharing rights, hiding of assets, determination or modification of alimony, appeals, and other complicated problems that may arise.

Our attorneys have decades of family law experience and are very knowledgeable about the ever-changing laws and each party's rights. The moment you choose to secure our representation, we will review your case and determine your goals to create a personalized strategy to serve your needs. Please call us to arrange a free consultation.

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