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If you are facing foreclosure of your home or other real property, at DEMICCO-NADLER, we represent borrowers and homeowners facing or going through the foreclosure process. Our Florida foreclosure defense lawyers assist with both commercial and residential foreclosures. In addition,  we  defend  against  banks,  homeowner’s
associations, and title issues.  We have worked on the bank’s side and are very knowledgeable about the intricacies of how they operate in handling mortgages.

The moment you choose to secure our representation, we will review your documents and determine your goals to create a personalized strategy to serve your needs.  We can help save your property, diligently defend against a foreclosure lawsuit, assist with a loan modification,
negotiate a short sale, procure a deferment plan, bring or defend a quiet title action, or whatever else fits your needs during this trying time. Please call us to arrange a free consultation.

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